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Self catering accommodation in South Devon

An idyllic country cottage available for short lets

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Image quality allows for the detection of elevated polyps, however, not of finer mucosal detail such as for example vascular colitis and anomalies. Patients need to take bowel planning because they would for conventional colonoscopy. The colon is distended with surroundings by rectal CT and catheter imaging undertaken, during a solitary breath hold, in both prone and supine positions; that is to minimise false negative and false positive results. Sedation is not needed. Sensitivity for detecting large polyps in professional centres is comparable to colonoscopy; the need for this polyp size threshold relates to the increased probability of current or future malignancy significantly. Sensitivity for polyp recognition decreases with reducing polyp size.. An update on virtual colonoscopy Virtual colonoscopy performed with computed tomography is usually a quick non-invasive technique of imaging the huge bowel that should soon be more widely available in Australia.